Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cotton babies and MY cotton baby...

My little tiny baby is turning 1 on September 30th. I have never felt like time has flown by so fast in my entire life. This year was a flash before my eyes. When I look back at my daughter growing up (she is now 11), it honestly felt like she was a tiny little baby/toddler for SO LONG. This first year with Emmett has felt like I accidentally blinked and he was suddenly getting ready to turn 1!

This year we have grown in to a socially conscious, green, loving family all because of this one tiny little person.

This one little person inspired me to remove all harmful chemicals from the household and use only natural products. He inspired me to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months and then continue to breastfeed until at least 2 years and after that, let him self wean. He inspired me to face parental fears of sickness and death and do hours upon hours of vaccination research, which ultimately inspired my decision to not vaccinate him ever. He inspired me to baby wear and co-sleep and cloth diaper! From all of that stemmed our now incessant need to be so green it almost hurts (in a good way!). We have our compost out back, we love our clothes line (even more with fluffy clean diapers hanging from it). We love all of our amazing, delicious fresh organic foods! We love feeling healthy and it makes me happy knowing that my children are happy, healthy, and will have a better life because of the decisions Ive made... All because of tiny little Emmett who is an inspiration 100%.

So, for this little inspiration, I plan to make his 1st birthday amazing and something fun to look back on and remember. His birthday party will be all of our close family and friends watching him smash in to his (of course) completely organic amazing cake, opening his presents and watching him play. On his actual birthday we will be going to St. Louis mainly for a day trip to the zoo. This will be fun for the whole family. Emmett just LOVES animals, especially frogs, so we hope to see some frogs there. Since we will be in St. Louis that day and the zoo closes at 5 I plan to make a long awaited stop in to Cotton Babies! I can not WAIT! Here in Bloomington, IL we have just one diaper store showroom at a woman's home who sells cloth. I cant wait to visit this beautiful shop and touch all the diapers in there. One thing I really hate about online shopping, you cant get a real look at the diapers your buying, you cant touch them, play with the snaps and resizing ect... So basically I will be in HEAVEN at Cotton babies!


  1. Hey you Mama! I left you a little something something :o)
    Come by and claim your prize!
    You won The Cherry on the Top Award!
    Have a great Day!!!

  2. What a cutie! I enjoy following your posts. I'm excited for the arrival of our little one soon!