Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unpaper Towels

Here is a super neat and very thrifty way to be green. Forget about purchasing paper towels. They are wasteful, cost alot of money over time, and are deffinately not earth friendly.

Since I had made the switch from disposable sponges for the dishes to knit washclothes I decided to make the switch from paper towels to UN-paper towels.

The concept is not new, but surprisingly few people actually think of it. You can purchase Un-paper towels that are WAHM made with snaps and they can snap together and can be rolled up around your paper towel holder! But also if you want to be just as thrifty as eco friendly you can cut up scraps of any cotton fabric and use those, or what I chose to do, purchase those bundles of white or colored wash clothes (i found a dozen for $3.50 at walmart) and the next time you go to wipe off your counters, instead use your UNpaper towels.

The trees thank you :)

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