Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother Hubbard's Food Revolution

Vada and I really loved the first season of Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution". To go along with our de-stressing and dietary changes we have been making some of his recipes. One we recently embarked on was a super easy, very yummy Omelet.

We chose of course to go with completely organic ingredients.

First I heated up a stainless steel frying pan on med/low heat, then added half a tablespoon of Organic salt free butter and let it melt to bubbling.

In a bowl i whisked 3 cage free, organic eggs, a pinch of natural sea salt, and my rendition of shredded cheese (the cheese grater decided to hide from us this morning. Possibly with all our missing socks).

My daughter didn't want spinach, but I did add full circle brand Organic canned spinach to mine. (fresh spinach would have been better but i didn't have any).

Then I poured the eggs in to the pan, moving the pan around to let the eggs cover the entire bottom of the pan. Then leave them be! I just let it cook for about 5 to 10 minutes (time i use for clean up) once you can get the spatula to lift all around the edges you are ready to fold it in half.

For my daughters I added 2 slices of Hormel's all Natural ham in the middle before slicing, then sprinkled the horribly ugly non shredded cheese on top lol

for mine i just folded in half and walla... done.. So easy, perfect, and amazingly tasty. Now, everyone go forth, be healthy, and make your family a fresh organic breakfast!

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