Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My little guy is growing up

My son and I co-sleep, we do this for many reasons but mostly because its beneficial to my health (i get tons of sleep :)
So early yesterday morning my little guy wakes up cooing next to me, ready to nurse. As per usual I get situated so he can nurse and I can peacefully fall back asleep as he usually does once he starts nursing.
Just as I am entering dream land "YOWWWWW"! that HURT! It feels like someone has decided that I needed my nipple pierced during my slumber! I look down and what do I see? My little man, smiling up at me, one little white pearly tooth sticking through...

I sure will miss the days of nursing without teeth lol... But mostly I am going to miss my little guys adorable toothless baby grin.

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