Monday, April 19, 2010

New Beginning

Today is the beginning of a new life. What better way to start that, than to document it in a blog to the entire world right?

I have officially decided that my life is to be free of stress. No one is allowed to stress me out, not a single bill, not a small paycheck, not a boringly empty fridge, and not one single angry, cursing customer on the phone. I will sit blissfully unstressed and let it all pass me by.

How can I do this you ask?

I'm going to ignore the balance in my debit card. Ill pay the bills that need to be paid, and then pretend I have no other money- which hopefully will help me save up, and also not be as stressed when there isn't as much as I want to be in there...

Then, I will ignore the pile of laundry, walk past my kitchen sink full of dishes, step over the smelly dog that needs a bath and go outside to play with my awesome children.

On top of eliminating stress I will also be eliminating processed chemical laden foods and purchasing as much local organic as possible. No more high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils for this family!

We have also become more earth friendly. We switched to all the fancy Eco bulbs to save energy, we put a brick in the back of the toilet to conserve water, There is a big smelly awesome pile of compost out back (which is also the main cause of our smelly dog that needs a bath)... We will put all of our organic purchases in reusable sacks! My son is sporting adorable, soft, beautiful cloth diapers. Adorning our sink is a brand new bottle of Seventh Generation dish soap and hand soap. In the drawer next to the sink is a colorful arrangement of knitted dishcloths that I will wash and reuse instead of disposable sponges.

I feel better already! If anyone has some more suggestions to help de-stress my family and make us more organic and earth friendly, please let us know and we will absolutely try it out and then, inevitably- blog about it afterwards!

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